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August 17


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<Another Update>

One more slot for paypal commission ,once that slot is taken then paypal commission is CLOSE.


Take note that i'm going to buy alot alot of time since i have to finish alot commissions i'm receiving now, my mom is sick too so i have to take care of her i hope you understand, thank you for commissioning me because you helped me and my family ^^ ! Bless you!~


<< Second UPDATE>>

Oopss ,my list is almost full ,so fastt i'll have to close Point commission for the time being, don't worry points commission will open back again after 3 weeks ^^, it looks like people prefer points commission rather than paypal.


I know some of you been hoping for me to open Points:points: commission rather than Paypal commission because not many of you has Paypal.
However, points commission will only available for Chibis and sketches ,i haven't drawn chibis that much but i will make something similar like these
 Little Hermit by LorSean Mouse soldier Adopt(CLOSE) Points and Paypal by LorSean this is the size of chibi i will make, and if you wanted a simple animation like this (bouncing/blinking etc) i will add additional cost, please read the detail below.

-Paypal and Points:points: ( US dollar only)
-I will only start commission after payment
-Note me ref, detail and pics etc etc
-Please notify me if you want me to draw in Bleedstyle or any style
-I do fanart or OCs
-I do furries, couples , gore ,yuri, yaoi... (BUT NOT TO HARDCORE) and anything that is necessary
-I have the right to decline your commission or not

<<Commission list>>

1.[DONE]:iconrenee-moonveil: Banish in Jail Cell (lineart flat color)

2. :icontask-master:(x2) 1) JJ and his friends (4 characters) 2)Melody ,JJ and his friends (in chibis)
    3) JJ, star ,luca ,leo ,yuki ,taro in this pose n style…

3.[DONE]:iconach-thenuts: Sam Angelica (redraw)

4.[DONE]:iconoverstart: Kawaii Usagi in action pose (full rough sketch 250:points:)

5.[DONE]:iconvigilanteangelana: Sketchy headshots for two twins 150:points:

6.[DONE]:iconbipinkbunny: (3 half body sketches) / /…

Pose ref:… /…

7.[DONE]:iconmizu-star-chibi: (4 half body sketches ) 600:points:

8.[DONE]:iconbishakalaka: headshot commission 100:points:

9. :iconcrazyabby2012: 4 full sketch commission $30

<<Points commission>>

:bulletred:ROUGH SKETCES (more images…


-Full body rough sketch 250:points:
-Half body rough sketch 150:points:
-Headshot rough sketch 100:points:
Doodle by LorSeanTeary Lorra by LorSean

:bulletred:CHIBIS 550:points:/ $7 *available for both paypal and points*(I don't hv that much ref yet)
-Additional simple animation 50:points: (blinking/bouncing etc)
Little Hermit by LorSeanMouse soldier Adopt(CLOSE) Points and Paypal by LorSean


<<Paypal commission>>

Bullet; BlueFULL SKETCH $12 (more images…
Twins by LorSeanUltimate Shannon by LorSeanPinkie Pie by LorSeanCall-F and Roll by LorSean

Bullet; BlueHALF SKETCH $9 <<headshot sketch= $5>>(din't have any good ref sorry) (more images… (…
Convenant Sheezy by LorSeanFrozen doodle by LorSean

Bullet; BlueFULL BODY COLORED $35 (more images…

Siblings by LorSeanCorrier by LorSeanSam Angelica  by LorSeanFor You by LorSean Ezt'z Mano de Muerte by LorSeanMouse soldier Adopt(CLOSE) Points and Paypal by LorSean

Bullet; BlueHALF COLORED BODY $28 (more images…
Detective Conan  by LorSeanAngel by LorSeanZeke by LorSeanChristmas Couples by LorSeanAlice In Wonderland by LorSean

Bullet; Red SIMPLE ANIMATION (depends on the detail you give me) (more gif…

However, i don't accept difficult animation ;w; it will take me forever to finish it.
I LOVE YOU -gif- by LorSeanJJ and sunflower by LorSeanLittle Hermit by LorSeanHappy Birthday Roa -gif- by LorSeanNeko Laura sneeze GIF by LorSean[Drowned] Animation by LorSean

Bullet; OrangeSHORT COMIC (depends on the detail you gave me)
(sketched /lineart/full colored) comic (i dont have that much of ref ;-; )
(Comic) Human's first priority -MY DAILY LIFE by LorSeanHappy birthday jenny by LorSean
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Kionji Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014
Is your paypal slot still available?
LorSean Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Unidad26 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
-_- points always fly so fast, i never get why, i know it say you do most kind of drawings but i like to know what you like more miss lor
LorSean Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
cuz majority ppl on dA are teenagers xD their parents probably doesnt allow them to open paypal yet. Most ppl on dA doesn't buy points but they received from others XD

what do u mean i like more?
Unidad26 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
i comish artist but i always like to have ther point of view of things they liek to draw to
LorSean Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i like to draw girls? beautiful scenery
Unidad26 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
i see so liek most thing on your gallery so far, you mind topics that are more sad or depressing?
LorSean Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ehh? not really xD i like to draw something crazy, funny or something dark like horror, depressing art are only sometimes
BiShakalaka Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
can i have a Headshot rough sketch please?
LorSean Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
just go into my profile and make your payment including picture ref and details ~
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